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French plane opens fire in Libya

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A French aircraft attacked today for the first time a vehicle at 17:45 in Libya after the green light to military action against Gaddafi by the Paris summit. This was announced by the Ministry of Defence in Paris. A spokesman for Defence announced that the French air force “has destroyed his first goal in Libya.” The Joint Chiefs of Staff speaks at the moment of “unknown vehicle.”

British frigate has left Port CAGLIARI – He left early in the afternoon the port of Cagliari, the British frigate HMS Cumberland (F85), which had arrived yesterday after being diverted to the airport as he was returning home after participating in a mission in the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf and have participated in the evacuation of nationals from Libya. The naval unit, which is a Class Type 22 has lifted the moorings on completion of fueling operations, food and water. The naval authorities yesterday spoke of a break to allow the crew to have two days of freedom on the ground. The departure of the entire force has strengthened the hypothesis that the “Cumberland” was assigned to the NATO naval force, or multinational, to be committed, under the UN resolution, its operations in Libya.

A TRAPANI BIRGI air movement – the basis of 37 or Air Force flight to Trapani Birgi have recently landed two other military aircraft may also be Canadian. While an AWACS returned. Photographers with zoom their cameras trying to figure out what kind of plane lifts off or lands. Agencies


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