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Fukushima: Tepco confused with radiation values

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Contaminated groundwater, all-clear for beef: Confusing measurements of the radioactivity at the bright atomic ruin in Fukushima confuse the people of Japan.

At the same time the government tries to three weeks after the devastating quake, sending a sign of confidence. For the first time wants Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Saturday to stay in the crisis region. Even Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) will pay a short visit to Japan.The federal government remains very concerned about the situation in Fukushima.

The hazards of radiation leaks at nuclear crisis are far from being stuffed.Meanwhile, groundwater is contaminated at the plant, such as new results now. The power plant operator Tepco confirmed on Friday earlier measurements which show that in groundwater near the damaged nuclear power plant Fukushima One 10 000-elevated levels of iodine found, 131 times. The energy company had to repeat the analysis as it was some doubt as to the accuracy. Contrary to previous findings, there is now but in beef from the prefecture of Fukushima No increase in radiation more.

It is still not possible to estimate when the nuclear crisis would be to end, “said Kan. First, the situation in the power plant in Fukushima stabilize.”We are prepared for a long fight,” said Kan. He will on Saturday the earthquake-devastated city in the prefecture of Fukushima Rikuzentakata and travel, even in the damaged nuclear power plant is located. For nuclear power itself, he will not come home. So far, Kan was in a helicopter over the area flown. A week before the planned visit was canceled because of bad weather.

Government spokesman Yukio Edano sat alone with his clothes on Friday, a signal: instead of rescue workers in blue overalls Edano came back in an elegant dark gray suit in front of the press. “We wanted to show that the government is also looking to the future now. Therefore, we have extended these jackets. “The Cabinet members had the quake on since 11 March, the same work clothes worn as the rescuers in the earthquake zone. It was “time for the government, the next steps towards rebuilding to make,” said Edano.

Meanwhile, the alleged nuclear safety authority NISA Tepco the group, because it is not enough Fukushima radiation meters for the workers were in. The men had to share dosimeter, after many of the devices in the earthquake and tsunami were broken. This situation must be improved, said a spokesman for NISA.

According to Tepco now are 420 instruments are available, each serving for workers. Government spokesman Edano closed, according to the Kyodo news agency is now also a contribution from the government to Tepco no longer sufficient. For days, rumors are circulating about the nationalization. Kan said it may be that the government cost of the disaster could take some, too.

One worker at the ruin Fukushima fight further against the worst-case scenario. On Friday they should try again, resin contaminated debris to spray on. The project had to be interrupted at the previous day because it was raining. The resin is to prevent the spread of radioactive dust.

The President of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Wolfram K├Ânig, expressed concern that the population in Japan is sufficiently prepared for a still possible escalation of the situation on nuclear power plant. He wondered how the protection of the population will be safe when it abruptly with a further increase in the release of radioactivity would be.

“The present results show us that the others, the IAEA recommended to extend the evacuation because of the already proven stress is necessary,” said King. On Saturday) will be Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP visit Japan. With the trip he wanted solidarity with the hard-hit Japanese people to express Germany.

The federal government raises once more concerned about the situation in Fukushima. “If I looking at the pictures of Fukushima should summarize the state of mind, I would say: great concern,” Seibert said government spokesman Steffen in Berlin. “It’s every day new messages that are worried. The reporting of findings plutonium in the soil is very serious. (…) It is very difficult to assess from here on. ”

No risk, meanwhile, see the German shipowners. Japan by sea would no radioactive contaminated goods from Germany to arrive. “Before a container ship arrives in Hamburg, it puts in six to nine other ports,” said Max Johns from the German Shipowners’ Association in Hamburg.

In Japan, began three weeks after the earthquake disaster on Friday a large-scale search operation – backed by U.S. troops – for victims of the devastating tsunamis. Large parts of the coast in northeastern Japan were on 11 March of the sometimes more than 20 feet high monster wave destroyed. It is believed that many victims were swept into the sea. Only people over 16 400 missing, 11 500 deaths have been confirmed. Agencies

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