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Gaddafi approaching rebel capital

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The rise of Libyan leader Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi seems unstoppable. Its troops on Tuesday, one month after the start of the uprising, the city Ajdabiyah captured from the insurgents.

Gaddafi to open the way to the ‘rebel capital’ Benghazi, 150 kilometers away.

The rebels withdrew from Ajdabiyah after heavy bombing.According to the Libyan state television have Gaddafi’s troops Ajdabiyah now wholly owned.

The soldiers want to push through quickly to Benghazi. ”The security forces come to you to ensure an end to the injustice done to you is, you protect, restore calm and ensure that normal life returns”said the state against the people of Benghazi.

Hundreds of rebels and civilians who have fled from his Ajdabiyah Tuesday arrived in Benghazi. Eyewitnesses try Gaddafi’s troops fleeing the rebels to cut off the road between two cities to block.

In Benghazi, with about one million inhabitants, the second city of Libya, the rebels are preparing for a new battle. They throw barricades to defend the city against the expected onslaught of Gaddafi’s armed forces. Other rebels want further eastward move to Tobruk.
Foreign conspiracy

On state television Tuesday showed Gaddafi out to defeat the insurgents. ”If this is a foreign conspiracy, we will destroy it. If it is a domestic conspiracy, we will destroy it.

“The colonizers will be crushed, France will be crushed, America will be crushed, Britain will be crushed.

The Libyans will be overcome, freedom will prevail,”says Gaddafi. In an interview published earlier in the day said he did not wish to supply more oil to Europe because he feels betrayed.

The foreign ministers of the eight leading industrialized countries have not agreed on Tuesday grounded.

Britain and France had previously advocated, but Germany, Russia, China and the U.S. were frustrating. However, a proposal for a no-flyzone submitted to the Security Council.

The United States think the resistance in Libya is another way to support. Washington wants several billion dollars of Gaddafi, which recently arrested, used to help the opposition. Agencies


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