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Gaddafi: I make the world into a hell

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“If the world is crazy, Libya will also act crazy. If the West attacks Libya, will never have peace.” This has the Libyan dictator Gaddafi said in an exclusive interview with the Portuguese public broadcaster RTP.
Gaddafi wants the world “making life a hell”if he is attacked.

The UN Security Council that military action under international law has legitimized, he accused of” racism “and” arrogance. “According to Gaddafi, the Security Council has no authority to his decision. He also expressed his disappointed with the “traitors” in the European Union.


In addition, says Gaddafi is prepared to supply, after the adoption of UN resolution that demands it, a cease-fire to be observed in its fight against the rebels. It asks first about the application to be allowed to negotiate. That the Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister, Khaled Kaaim, said during a press conference in Tripoli. According Kaaim Libya will “respond positively to the UN resolution and we will demonstrate this commitment by ensuring protection of civilians”.


Before his press conference had Kaaim to the French news agency AFP said that the resolution of the unity and stability of Libya threatens. The passage refers to a “conspiracy” of the international community against Libya and “the will of countries like France, Britain and the U.S. to divide the country”. Agencies


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