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Gaddafi is considering exile

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The Libyan leader Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi would consider accepting an exile. The envoy also said that “Tripoli” is prepared to discuss a transfer of power.

According to Al-Bayan newspaper Dubaaise the controversial Libyan leader had contact with several African countries on the possibility of a dignified retreat.

The newspaper based view on a controversial confidant of the colonel, who says that Gaddafi seriously considering a life in exile in Niger or Chad.

A delegate from Gaddafi on Wednesday against the Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado said that the Libyan leader would be willing to discuss a possible transfer of power.Writes that the Portuguese newspaper Publico.

Gaddafi on Wednesday began a diplomatic offensive aimed at the Arab League, the European Union and NATO. His envoys were airlifted to include Cairo, Brussels and Lisbon left to the decisions that affect the organizations to take on Libya. Allvoices


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