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‘Gaddafi may resort to WMD’

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Former Arab League Ambassador to the UN Clovis Maksoud says the embattled Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi may resort to using weapons of mass destruction (WMD) as his regime is nearing collapse.

“In the case of President Gaddafi, one cannot expect any logical affection,” Maksoud told Media.

“Therefore, if there is any sign that he might use weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons, then a wide collective international intervention may be necessary to prevent this potential genocide from taking place,” he added.

Maksoud warned that the UN should act “adequately,” so that another genocide such as what happened in Uganda will not happen again.

“Such event would be another disaster for Africa, and for the world community,” Maksoud pointed out.

The Libyan revolution, inspired by the recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, sparked nearly two weeks ago.

Brutal crackdown by the Libyan regime on anti-government protesters has left thousands of people dead so far.

Gaddafi, however, has vowed to stay in power despite the fact that most of the country, except for capital Tripoli, has come under the control of anti-government forces and the former justice minister has formed a transitional government.

Thousands of Libyan people have been fleeing to neighboring Egypt, Tunisia and other European countries like Italy.

The revolution in the North African oil-rich nation has also led to a significant hike in the global oil prices.

The United States and other foreign governments discussed military options for dealing with Libya on Monday as beleaguered Gaddafi scoffed at the threat to his government. Agencies


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