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Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie bombing?

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Tripoli: Former Libyan Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel-Jalil says Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi personally ordered the bombing of the 747 Pan Am Boeing over Lockerbie in 1988.

“I have proof that Gaddafi gave the order about Lockerbie…To hide it, he [Gaddafi] did everything in his power to get [bomber Abdelbaset] al-Megrahi back from Scotland,” Abdel-Jalil claimed.

The minister claimed that Gaddafi himself ordered Lockerbie Pan AM flight 103 bombing in December 1988. Following the bombing, which caused 270 people’s death, al-Megrahi was arrested and jailed in 2001.

Ailing Megrahi was released by Scottish government in 2009 on compassionate grounds. However, Dumfries and Galloway Police have been monitoring events in Libya to get more information about the case.

Abdel-Jalil resigned after the pro-democracy protests flared in Libya and is currently living in secrecy.

Murdo Fraser MSP, Scottish Conservative Deputy Leader, described the revelation by the former minister as “disturbing but believable.” “If true, it makes all the more questionable the role of the last Labor government’s drive to do all it could to send al-Megrahi back to Tripoli.”


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