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Gaddafi to address nation about town seeing deadly clashes

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Bloody clashes took place Thursday in the Libyan town of Zawiya, where at least seven people were killed, witnesses said.

A woman who said her son was shot told CNN, “Blood is all over the streets.”

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi plans to discuss Zawiya during an address to the nation Thursday, state TV reported.

A witness in Zawiya, west of Tripoli, said people supporting Gadhafi came into the city square and the clashes began.

Two sources told CNN that seven people have been killed.

In addition, 40 people were wounded, one witness said, adding that the city is controlled by anti-Gadhafi forces.

Protesters have taken over the military base and were distributing weapons to civilians, a witness said.
The woman whose son was shot said unarmed people were being fired on indiscriminately and that she believed far more than seven people were killed.

“We want to call all human beings: Zawiya is finished,” she said. “The people is finished. The people is dying.”
She said it was not clear who the people were that were shooting. Many seemed to be African mercenaries, but they may have been people from the government or military, she said.

“People are crying,” she said, calling for help from the world. “Where is the people? Where is the peace?”
The hospital in Zawiya is “a disaster,” she said, adding that some shooters were coming to the hospital and insisting that no one was killed.

CNN could not confirm reports for many areas in Libya. The Libyan government maintains tight control on communications and has not responded to repeated requests from CNN for access to the country. CNN has interviewed numerous witnesses by phone.



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