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Gaddafi to prevent NATO air strikes

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After weeks of delay in the Libya crisis makes the international community seriously and is preparing for a military strike against Muammar al Gaddafi.

A few hours after the adoption of a UN resolution demanded by the rebels for the no-fly zone, United Kingdom began yesterday with the laying of combat aircraft in the region.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced by the weekend if all preparations are completed for use. Libya’s government, whose troops, the rebels were pushed back further and further, then announced a unilateral cease-fire. However, have been further reported heavy fighting, particularly in the embattled city Misrata. According to NATO diplomats date only the protection of a no-fly zone over Libya is planned. Air strikes against ground forces Gaddafi had not been provided. The United States wants, according to President Barack Obama, the prohibitive zone prevail together with their allies. Thousands of Libyans are threatened by death if Gaddafi would not be forced to retreat, the U.S. president said last night.

Chancellor Angela Merkel offered NATO to compensate for the No to intervention in Libya for a greater commitment in Afghanistan. Eligible to extend the AWACS air surveillance operations. “We believe that this resolution is absolutely right in their goals,” Merkel said. “Our abstention is not to be confused with neutrality.” She announced to participate today at the Paris summit on the situation in Libya.

Germany could make many posts, even beyond the military commitment, she said. Apart from the U.S. and UK, France intends to participate in the enforcement of the no-fly zone. Some Arab States and Denmark, and Canada might participate. Italy wants to put its military airports. Libya’s Foreign Minister kussa Mussa said: “We accept the UN resolution.” Libya will protect all foreigners and their property and to comply with a UN demand. He called on all sides to negotiate. On Thursday Gaddafi had said he would give the rebels no mercy. In the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, the UN resolution was greeted with jubilation.

In addition to Germany, Russia and China had abstained in the UN Security Council. SPD party chief Frank-Walter Steinmeier has supported the position of the federal government.

“Whether military air strikes in Libya really help the people, it can have legal doubt. So I think the voting behavior of the federal government for clear and understandable,” Steinmeier ordered a stronger role of the Arab world. Agencies


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