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Gaddafi vows to ‘crush the enemy’

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Strongman Muammar Gaddafi has said on Libyan television that “we are determined to crush the enemy,” a reference to rebels waging a month-old rebellion against him.

“If this is a foreign plot, we will crush it; if it is a domestic plot, we will crush it,” said Gaddafi, who has repeatedly blamed al-Qaeda for the revolt against his four decades of iron-fisted rule.

“The colonialists will be vanquished, France will be vanquished, America will be vanquished, Great Britain will be vanquished,” Gaddafi said.

“The Libyan people will triumph; liberty will triumph.

“The entire Libyan people is ready to fight to protect our oil,” the veteran strongman said, adding: “We are determined to preserve the unity of Libya, even at the price of our life.”

His comments today came as anti-aircraft and heavy artillery fire were heard by reporters in Libya’s second city, the rebel bastion Benghazi. Agencies


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