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‘Gaddafi will die on Libyan soil’

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Embattled Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi will not flee from the country and will die in Libya even if he is ousted, a senior Arab analyst says.

“If he is defeated, he will die on Libyan soil,” Ali al-Ahmed, director of Institute for [Persian] Gulf Affairs told Press TV on Monday.

“I don’t think anybody will take him, because he did not leave a lot of friends outside Libya,” he noted.

“Also if his family and the people around him give it up, they will have nothing, because they will not be well-received outside Libya,” he further added.

“For a long time, Gaddafi broke with everybody. There is not a single country that he did not have a problem with because of his personality and his idea that he is a world leader. Because of that personality, he has made a lot of enemies abroad,” al-Ahmed argued.

On Tuesday, Gaddafi made a 40-second appearance on the country’s state-run television, saying that he is in the capital, Tripoli and has not fled from the crisis-hit country.

Libya has been swept by pro-democracy protests inspired by popular revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, which toppled the countries’ presidents.

Gaddafi’s government has deployed fighter jets to open fire on the demonstrators to prevent a revolution in the North African country.

Forces loyal to Gaddafi are also said to have used live rounds of ammunition against protesters amid reports, pointing to the arrival of planeloads of armed foreign mercenaries in the Libyan capital.

Libyan protesters, however, have reportedly managed to seize several cities.

The International Federation for Human Rights says as many as 400 people have so far been killed during the pro-democracy protests.

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