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Gaddafi’s Ammunition Depots Destroyed in Tripoli

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The Western forces destroyed ammunition depots as the air raids continue on Libyan capital Tripoli. Gaddafi forces carry on hitting Misurata, Adibia and Zentan. According to the sources, numerous citizens and fighters have been killed in attacks.

Oil and food is limitation due to the siege of these three cities.According to an opposition leader, the Gaddafi forces will soon take control of the cities if the international powers do not support.

Arab TV claimed that the yesterday’s air strikes caused heavy loss to Gaddafi’s ammunition depots.Libyan authorities fear that the Western forces will stop or destroy the oil shipments to Libya.On the other side, the fault game of civilian killings continues between Gaddafi and the Western forces.Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister said that the Western forces will not violate the UN resolution.British Foreign Minister William Hague said that Gaddafi forces were aim the civilians regardless of the announcement of ceasefire, while Gaddafi claim said that the civilian killings were rising due to Western forces’ raids.According to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the NATO will take the control of Libyan operation till Monday.


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