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Gaddafi’s forces bombed west of Misurata

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Forces shelled the pro-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Misurata building early on Sunday to try out the opposition fighters from their last major stronghold in the west of Libya, where doctors said hundreds had died.

Like Misurata Like many cities have arisen on the Gaddafi regime in an uprising in February. In the violent repressive measures forces regained control of the pro-Gaddafi, in most areas in western Libya, Misurata make interrupted from the outside world and was besieged with the decline in supplies.

In Benghazi, an opposition stronghold in the east form the National Transition Council “crisis team” comprising the former Libyan Interior Minister Abdel-Fattah Younis to take over as Chief of Staff of the armed forces of trying to run parts of the country controlled by the opposition.

As requested by the leadership of the opposition continued air strikes by NATO-led forces Gaddafi despite the killing of 13 opposition fighters in a strike during the attempt to control the town of Brega oil in the east.

In a population Misurata said that the bombing in the town, damaging a building was used in the treatment of the wounded from the fighting in the third-largest city in the country, killing at least one person and wounding several others.

He said the resident, speaking by telephone from the building currently being used as a hospital temporarily, “Make sure there is people have We do not know the number of wounded. Ambulances started up now to transport the injured.”

After weeks of bombardment and blockade the government managed appeared to relax the grip of the opposition forces out there, despite the air strikes by Western forces targeting al-Qadhafi. The fighters say they’re still in control of the city center and port, but Gaddafi’s forces moved to the city center along the main road.

A doctor said that his name Ramadan told reporters by telephone from the city said 160 people, mostly civilians, have died in fighting Misurata over the past seven days.

Ramadan is not available to a doctor based in Britain, said he arrived at Misurata three days ago as part of a humanitarian mission, a specific number of the total since the fighting began six weeks ago. Agencies


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