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Iraq’s mistakes not be repeated in Libya: Obama

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The United States President Barack Obama has said that Gaddafi forces would start genocide in Libya if coalition forces would have been late one more day While taking the US people in confidence regarding Libya operation through a televised address at National Defence University in Washington he said Libyan were in the clench of Gaddafi forces. He said when Libyan people had took to the streets for their rights then Gaddafi forces had started taking revenge from people.

He said on the appeal of Libyan people international community took to the issue on board and managed several meeting in this regard. Gaddafi had been given many chances to stay away from thrashing people before initiating military operation but he refused all offers of reconciliation.After rejecting talk offers from Gaddafi, Security Council of the United Nations had decided to make Libya no-fly zone under 1973 resolution to counter Gaddafi forces.Obama said Gaddafi has lost its credibility among Libyan as he suppressed his people voice who were holding protest in favour of their rights.He said Arab League and Libyans were appealed international community that saves the lives of people from offence of Gaddafi.Obama said NATO would take over the control of the Libya operation from Wednesday.

He hoped that NATO would keep the pressure on Gaddafi to enforce no-fly zone over Libya.The president said operation in Libya was not in the national interest of the US and it is very difficult to change to the rule in Libya. Change comes through different ways in different countries, he added.He said 33 billion assets of Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi have been seized. He said assets that have been seized would be distributed among Libyan people.He said coalition airstrikes would continue till Gaddafi resign. He said Libyan could not be independent whether Gaddaif not leave rule.Obama said military would not be deployed in Libya and the mistake that had done in Iraq would not be repeated in Libya.He said America is a super power and Libyan people would be protected. Agencies


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