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Iraqi List threatens to withdraw confidence from Maliki’s govt

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The Iraqi List threatened Wednesday to call for the withdrawal of confidence from Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, unless it has a real participation in running the country’s affairs, according to a statement by the party’s spokesperson Maysoun Al-Damlouji.

Al-Damlouji made the previous remark at a press conference that was held here today following the Iraqi List’s meeting which was attended by the party’s leader Iyad Allawi.

She also made clear that members of the list discussed the status quo in the country, noting that, “they referred to the procrastination on approving the formation of the Strategic Policies Council, besides dawdling on tapping ministers with security portfolios.” Further, she pointed out that the Iraqi List will call, through its parliamentary bloc, for withdrawing confidence from Al-Maliki’s government alongside holding early parliamentary elections, unless what Al-Damlouji described as national partnership is being fulfilled, and the accords of Irbil’s conference is put into effect.

Al-Damlouji also revealed the concern of the Iraqi List on what she described as the “party purge” of efficient personnel at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a process which is being supervised by one of Al-Maliki’s top aides, and the leading figure within the Islamic Dawa Party.

Iraqi List also called on the government to take a strict stance on Iranian trespasses on the Iraqi northern territories as well as Tehran’s continuing bombardment of the Kurdish villages there, and its deliberate drying up of the rivers going into the Iraqi territories.

She also said that Al-Maliki’s sticking to the manangement of security ministries made it hard to evaluate the security situation in the country, and consequently hounded the question of determing the future of U.S. troops in Iraq.

Irbil’s accords upon which the Iraqi Cabinet was formed provided for the formation of the Strategic Policies Council under the headship of Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi List leader, though the United Iraqi Alliance declared following the government’s formation that it supports the council’s formation, but without holding a vote on this matter in the parliament, a thing which was rejected by the Iraqi List.

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