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Kuwait no longer interested in pursuing nuclear energy

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Kuwait is no longer eager to possess nuclear technology or to seek nuclear power for energy purposes, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Dr. Mohammad Al-Sabah.

The minister’s statement, made in response to questions on the subject from MP Ali Al-Omair, came in the wake of a decision made during the Cabinet’s latest weekly meeting, to assign the duties previously undertaken by the Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Committee (KNNEC) to the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) in a bid by the government to adopt a more cautious approach to utilizing nuclear power for research and medical purposes.

In the meantime, Cabinet insiders stated that during Sunday’s Cabinet meeting indicated that Minister of Commerce and Industry Amani Buresli briefed other ministers on a study which resulted in a number of proposed amendments to the current Capital Market Authority legislation. Speaking on condition of anonymity since the subject was omitted from the official report on the meeting, the insider noted that the topic was referred to the Cabinet’s legal committee following a brief discussion, adding that it is to be discussed in more detail next week.

Meanwhile, another anonymous insider indicated that other topics referred to the Cabinet’s legal committee for deliberation also include a bill to curb rising Internet prices by boosting competition between Internet Services Providers (ISPs), another bill proposing the establishment of a penal code for online crimes, and a third bill to allow the appointment of female judges, as well as proposed amendments to the audiovisual law.

On a separate issue, many lawmakers have reacted angrily to a recent news reports which revealed a shortage in livestock supplies from the country’s sole supplier, as they demanded the introduction of measures to boost food security ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, which always sees a surge in demand for foodstuffs and other consumer items. MP Khalid Al-Sultan suggested that the recurring nature of these problems in recent years has been caused by the lack of focus on food security measures in the government’s development plans.

In other news, lawmaker Dr. Aseel Al-Awadhi announced that she has been working with other MPs including Dr. Hassan Jowhar and Marzouq Al-Ghanim on an ‘initiative of reform,’ which aims to restore the relationship between the parliament and the cabinet and shift the main focus of attention to working for the public good.

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