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Kuwaiti MP Musallam Al-Barrak slams govt over ‘crazy’ budget

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Veteran anti-government MP Musallam Al-Barrak yesterday blamed what he called the current “crazy” budget on government spending. The MP scoffed at reductions of KD270 million from the original KD19 billion budget, saying, “If the budget is crazy will cutting KD270 million make it rational again? Of course not! The budget is still crazy because of government policies.

Whilst slamming the government for spending too much, Al-Barrak also condemned it for stinginess and what he claimed was its miserly attitude towards Kuwaiti citizens, citing its failure to approve pay rises for military personnel, pensioners and teachers which would have cost KD650 million in total whilst requesting that the amount paid in supplementary appropriations be increased to KD1.75 billion.

The MP accused the government of wasting Kuwait’s funds on unnecessary luxuries, adding that the millions of dinars spent on these things could instead be spent on building desperately needed hospitals and schools.

On another issue, Al-Barrak accused the recently appointed minister of information and of communications of evading his responsibilities concerning local internet service providers (ISPs), who he said are limiting customers’ freedoms through the use of monopolistic practices, further suggesting that achieving these restrictions might be the government’s actual goal.

We say to the communications minister, the company owners won’t help you!” the MP asserted, insisting that the minister must intervene to stop the ISPs from carrying out these practices and punish them for their abuse of their customers and for profiting at Kuwaiti citizens’ expenses.

Kuwait Times

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