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Kuwaitis take PM ouster call to streets

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Several hundred protesters have poured into the streets of Kuwait to demand the removal of the incumbent prime minister along with political reforms in the Persian Gulf state.

On Tuesday evening, around 1,000 people gathered in a car park they named “The Square of Change” in front of a government building and called on 71-year-old Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmad al-Sabah to leave office, Reuters reported.

The demonstrators carried a large banner which read “A new government, with a new prime minister, with a new approach,” and chanted in Arabic, “The people want corruption to go” and “Leave, leave Nasser.”

Tuesday’s protests had been organized by the youth groups, Kafi (Enough) and al-Soor al-Khames (Fifth Fence). They presented a challenge to the Kuwaiti government, which bans demonstrations without prior permission.

The demonstrations come on the crest of a recent tidal wave of anti-government protests that has raced across the Middle East, originating with revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, which have swept longstanding autocratic rulers from power.

The Kuwaiti premier, a nephew of the ruler Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, was appointed in early 2006. He has fought parliamentary opposition since his appointment and survived two non-cooperation motions.

Five of his six cabinets have been forced to resign, while the parliament has been dissolved three times. Agencies

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