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Libya: a French aircraft destroyed an artillery battery

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A French fighter jet destroyed an artillery battery of the Libyan army in the night from Thursday to Friday near Ajdabiya after a French attack against a base Jamahiriya “historic,” said Admiral Edouard Guillaud , Chief of Defence Staff.

“A French aircraft destroyed an artillery battery that night with a laser guided bomb,” said Admiral Guillaud Friday on France Info radio, adding that the facility was located near the town of Adjdabiya “still in the hands of Libyan National Committee of transition, “he said.

Scene of heavy fighting, the city, located 160 km south of Benghazi, is the stronghold of the insurgency against the regime of Colonel Gaddafi.

Admiral Guillaud has also said that the Libyan airspace was “under control”. “We proved it yesterday,” he said, recalling a “vintage plane of the pro-Gaddafi who came off of Misrata (eastern Libya, Ed)” for “to bomb” the city was “destroyed by a French Rafale” after “less than ten minutes of flight.” The plane, he said, “had landed” back to Misrata. “I think it is good evidence of responsiveness of the coalition,” said Admiral Guillaud.

The head of the French General Staff has also revealed that the air base attacked by French fighter planes in the night between Wednesday and Thursday was that of al-Joufra, “a historical basis for the Libyan regime.”

“We attacked and destroyed facilities extremely important (this) basis, the second air base, located over 300 kilometers inland,” he said.

“We’ve destroyed ammunition dumps, facilities maintenance, but also the command center,” he said the admiral.

Stressing that the coalition would prefer “not to shoot rather than take the risk of injuring or killing innocent civilians,” the head of state Major explained that in the case of this attack, “the nearest house was five miles “database.

However, he said, “nobody can” make “absolute promise” on the lack of collateral damage, “war is always an unstable world and a dramatic statement to the military first and foremost.”


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