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Libya rebels are preparing to fight the final battle

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The Libyan rebels are regrouping and strengthening in the town of Ajdabiya (east of the country), knowing that that is where you will fight the final battle, once lost Ras Lanuf and Brega.

The dictator Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi aviation bombed the city four times, including a military camp, whose input has caused great damage and a nearby square.

The fighting was taking place this Monday morning from the desert area about 30 kilometers between the Ajdabiya Brega.

Last night, the rebels had a slight increase and even captured several soldiers loyal to Colonel Qaddafi. That is, for the first time in several days, the rebels took up the initiative.

What the rebels want to show is that Ajdabiya not going to fall so easily. Hence they have been asked to come to the city all the followers and potential reinforcements for the ‘great battle’. If Ajdabiya falls into the hands of the army, the rebels will be isolated.

Another detail of the rebel push is that, despite suffering heavy bombing, they have not moved from that city, while in others fled before the advent of aviation Gaddafi.

From Tripoli, as AFP reported, state television insisted that the rebels decide you surrender will be forgiven. For its part, the television channel Al Jazeera reported that the United States, France and Britain have pledged to establish secure a “no-fly zone” that would help them retake positions with Gaddafi soldiers. Agencies


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