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Libya will defend itself!

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Muammar GadhafiMoammar Gadhafi is vowing Libya will defend itself from “crusader aggression,” as U.S. led international forces begin an attack in support of the rebel uprising against him.

He also warns that weapons depots are being opened to arm the Libyan people in defense.

The UK, the US and France have begun attacking Libya as enforcement of the UN-mandated no-fly zone gets under way.

Less than two hours after Obama spoke, Gadhafi appeared on Libyan state television and said he will arm civilians to defend Libya from “colonial, crusader” aggression.

Pentagon officials say the US and the UK have fired more than 110 missiles.

Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has said he will open arms depots to the people and the interests of Mediterranean countries will be in danger from now on.

Obama said that the United States would not send ground forces to Libya, though he said he is “deeply aware” of the risks of taking any military action. Agencies


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