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Manama says Turkey isn’t mediating in Bahrain

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Bahraini foreign minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Khalifa said Tuesday Turkey was not mediating in the Bahraini affair, emphasizing that the GCC countries enjoyed solid security cooperation.

The Bahraini government is working on addressing internal outstanding issues in order to restore security and order, he told a joint news conference with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu.

“Politics should be distant from religion and sect,” he affirmed. “We don’t expect dangerous problems between the Sunnis and Shi’ites in Bahrain because they are brothers who live with each other, and we have to regain this conflict.” Asked about the GCC countries’ reaction to the Iranian interference in their internal affairs, Sheikh Khaled said “that remains to be seen in future.” He said all measures taken by Bahrain or the other GCC countries vis-a-vis Iran were “always reaction to what we heard from them or action we saw.” The Gulf countries “did not any negative step towards Iran, he said.

“We in the GCC countries are keen on having good relations with all regional countries including Iran because it is a close neighbor, and there is no doubt that we are looking for good relations with this country … ,” he said.

On Yemen, Sheikh Khaled said a team from the GCC would be heading to Yemen soon to offer ideas for the government and opposition in order to defuse the tension.

He asserted that stability and security of Yemen was “vital” for the the six GCC countries.

Davutoglu, meanwhile, said Turkey was backing Bahrain’s measures to restore security and stability.

He refused the interference in Bahrain’s affairs, and praised the GCC’s support to stability and security of the Arab Gulf kingdom.

Davutoglu said he would be meeting with all parties in Bahrain to urge them for calm and to seek dialogue.

The Turkish top diplomat said the Gulf region “is an international economic center and one of the wealthiest economies in the world.

“If we could work together and respect one another, then the Gulf region will be the area that determines future of entire humanity. But if there is tension then the Gulf region will be a place for crises, so we should rule out any misunderstanding,” he said. Agencies

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