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Medvedev backs Obama’s re-election bid to WH

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Moscow: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday backed his US counterpart Barack Obama’s re-election bid to the White House, giving credit to his administration for the improved bilateral ties between the two former Cold War rivals.

“I can plainly tell you that I would like to see the election of Barack Obama for a second term as President of the United States of America over the election of anyone else,” Medvedev said in an interview published today by the Financial Times newspaper.

“Our relations (with the US) have improved, something for which I give credit to the new administration and to President Obama himself, with whom I am on friendly terms. I like to work with him and it is easy,” he said.

Obama has declared his intention to run in the presidential elections in November 2012.

“I consider myself lucky that my partner as President is a modern man, who wants to see change, not just for the United States, but also the world order,” said Medvedev, who has made improving ties with the US a key plank of his foreign policies since being installed at the Kremlin by his mentor Vladimir Putin.

He said relations between Moscow and Washington could change dramatically under a new US regime which could try to solve political problems by, among other things, “venting their emotions” on Russia.

“If another person becomes US president then he may have another course,” he said.

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