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Military ‘no longer marching on Benghazi’

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Muammar Gaddafi’s forces are “no longer marching on Benghazi,” top US military commander Michael Mullen says.

“They are no longer marching on Benghazi,” he said.

He added that the initial part of an international operation to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya “has been successful”.

The comments came after the United States unleashed a barrage of strikes against the Libyan regime’s air defences, but ruled out using ground troops in what President Barack Obama called a “limited military action”.

In a dramatic show of force, US warships and a British submarine fired at least 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Libya against Gaddafi’s anti-aircraft missiles and radar on Saturday, the US military said.

Admiral William Gortney told reporters at the Pentagon that the cruise missiles “struck more than 20 integrated air defence systems and other air defence facilities ashore”.

Early today, CBS News reported that three US B-2 stealth bombers had dropped 40 bombs on a major Libyan airfield in an attempt to destroy much of the Libyan Air Force. Agencies


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