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Mubarak arrest is inevitable: presidential hopeful El-Bastawisi

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Judge and presidential hopeful, Hesham El-Bastawisi, believes the arrest of Hosni Mubarak and his family members is inevitable, saying the deposed president mustn’t have insisted on dwelling in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Mubarak and his family have been under house arrest in the coastal resort pending an investigation. They are all accused of abusing their political powers to accumulate illegal profits, among other charges.

The 82 year-old, who was toppled on 11 February following an 18-day revolt, claimed in his first speech since his reclusion in Sharm that he and his family members have had been wrongly accused of illegal profiteering.

Mubarak also stressed he is willing to fully cooperate with the prosecutor general to prove his innocence.

Mubarak’s recorded speech, which was exclusively broadcasted by Al-Arabia TV Sunday, came across as an attempt to avoid trial. El-Bastawisi, however, is convinced the detention of the overthrown commander-in-chief is just a matter of time.

“The arrest and trial of Mubarak and his family are inevitable,” El-Bastawisi, former vice president of the cassation court, told Al-Ashera Masaan. “His attempts to clear his name will convince no one.”

“His stay in Sharm El-Sheikh is inappropriate. The fact that he’s still in Egypt encourages those behind the counter-revolution to keep it up.” Agencies

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