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Mubarak’s wife attempted suicide

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The wife of ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has confessed in her memoirs about an attempt to commit suicide when she knew she would be arrested for corruption, .

“May 13, 2011, was the ‘darkest’ day of my life. When Assem al-Gohary, assistant justice minster for illicit gains affairs, brought an order to arrest me, I took an overdose of sleeping pills and wanted to commit suicide as I could not imagine what for and how to live,” Suzanne Mubarak was quoted as saying by EGYnews.

She said that she was miraculously saved.

“And then, my husband got in touch with somebody who was in power in Egypt, I think somebody from world politicians and managed to keep me near him in hospital for the time of my detention,” Suzanne said.

Mubarak’s lawyer Farid al-Dib managed to solve the issue of her arrest.

“It was exactly him who advised to write a waiver of all my property to Egyptian government. And then was May 17, and I was released without any charges,” the wife of the former president said.

Suzanne Mubarak also revealed many surprising facts about the last days of her husband’s presidency.

“USA, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait offered husband and all family members political asylum at the beginning of February 2011. But when he resigned on February 11, these offers were immediately called off,” the former first lady said.

She said it was her elder son, Alaa and not the younger Gamal who assisted his father in making the last fateful decisions.

“On February 1, during a telephone conversation with Barack Obama, my husband agreed to resign but said he did not want to make personal announcement. He also asked for written guarantees that nothing happen with him and his family. These guarantees were given by a special envoy from the US (sic),” Suzanne said.

The memoirs of the former Egyptian first lady, which speak not only about politics but about her personal experiences, love of jewellery and art, will soon be published by Scottish publisher Canongate Books.

Mubarak stepped down Feb 11 after 18 days of mass public protest, which left more than 800 people dead and several thousands wounded. The deposed leader faces charges of corruption, abuse of power and authorising the shooting of protesters during the uprising.

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