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Mullen: “We do not know how long the war”

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Massive attack forces measured where Gaddafi came to the tanks of the military loyal to the regime.Witnesses said the shootings in the city center and still speak broadly of the victims.

According to residents, the forces of Gaddafi Would be blocking the port city with their boats to stop supplies. The raid by coalition forces during the last 24 hours have in fact stopped the Libyan fighters and destroyed dozens of vehicles around the system in Benghazi. The no-fly zone over the skies of Libya was actually imposed. And Gaddafi has again threatened the West.

Set the no-fly zone

U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen, chief of joint staffs announced that the no-fly zone was imposed over the skies actually Libyans.

The American commander Mike Mullen said the Libyan anti-aircraft was made in offensive and that there are signs Libyan aircraft in flight and wounded civilians. Mullen added that in just 24 hours, there have been significant apssi forward and stop the forces that have been pro-Gaddafi in the city of Benghazi. The American commander Mike Mullen said that “there are indications that Gaddafi is directing the use of chemical weapons.”

Libyan regime: weapons to distribute one million people

“They will be distributed weapons in the coming hours to one million people, men and women, across Libya.” It ‘as reported by a source quoted by the Libyan regime satellite TV’ al-Arabiya ‘. Shortly before the state television, had urged the population to travel to the offices of the popular committees is ongoing in the distribution of weapons. Agencies

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