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NATO announces strikes against Gaddafi command sites

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Brussels: NATO’s commander in chief for the operation in Libya on Tuesday announced military strikes against Muammar Gaddafi’s command centres, including Tripoli and a brigade accused of leading attacks on civilians.

“NATO conducted deliberate, multiple strikes against command and control facilities of the Gaddafi regime last night,” the alliance said in a communique from its Brussels headquarters.

It said these strikes targeted “communications infrastructure used to coordinate attacks against civilians, and the headquarters of the 32nd Brigade located 10 kilometres south of Tripoli.”

Libya’s official news agency JANA reported earlier that NATO air strikes on Tuesday hit the Libyan capital Tripoli; Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi’s home town; and the town of Aziziyah, south of the capital.

Deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim said these raids were carried out “at the request of the rebels who are preparing to carry out massacres in the region.”

Early in the afternoon, AFP journalists in Tripoli reported at least one plane flying over the capital.

“NATO will continue its campaign to degrade the Gaddafi regime forces that are involved in the ongoing attacks on civilians,” Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard added. Agencies

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