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NATO mistakenly attacked Libya in the insurgency

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Just like ten days ago it seemed that Muammar Gaddafi does not stop anything in the campaign against the rebel bastion of Benghazi, to last weekend after the first allied air attacks in the hope of a quick fall of Tripoli change back the rebels.

The situation on the Libyan battlefield is changing every moment and above is getting confusing. The rapid victory of one side can be no question and Libyans apparently waiting long weeks of protracted fighting.

NATO confirmed on Friday the first civilian victim of its air campaign. On Saturday, the rebel command admitted that thirteen of its soldiers were killed near the port in the brig attack Allied Force.

Insurgents, according to agency spokesman called the incident an unfortunate mistake, but that would not impinge on other Allied military action in Libya. Oana Lungescuová NATO spokesman in Brussels, then suggested that the NATO aircraft patrol responded to fire from the ground. “If our aircraft from firing, the aircraft is obviously the right answer,” the spokeswoman said.

According to the Reuters version of the insurgents late Friday night in prayer over the fresh graves of their fallen colleagues. Several soldiers from the camp of opponents mingled among them and began firing into the air anti-aircraft weapons.

In addition to the incident was reportedly dead yet other seven members of the rebel army wounded. Lungescuová spokesman said then that the alliance is investigating the case. Agencies


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