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Nicolas defends Iran, Hezbollah

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Change and Reform bloc MP Nabil Nicolas on Monday defended Iran and Hezbollah, saying that “there would not have been calm in Lebanon if it were not for the Resistance.”

“Iran is intervening humanitarianly in Lebanon and if it was not for the Resistance, Lebanon would not have [witnessed] calm,” the MP told MTV.

He said that the Shia community in Lebanon is not following a foreign agenda, adding that “the Shia did not have a negative role in Lebanon’s domestic affairs.”

Nicolas also said that the Lebanese judiciary should tackle the alleged involvement of the Future Movement in Syria’s unrest.

“The judiciary should investigate these accusations.”

However, he also called the Lebanese judiciary a “failure,” adding that the Syrian anti-regime protests “are [Damascus’s] own business.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s 11-year regime has been rocked by unprecedented protests since March 15 demanding reform and an end to a draconian emergency law.

Three suspects testified last week on Syrian state television that they received arms and weapons from abroad to fuel a wave of protests in the country, naming Future bloc MP Jamal al-Jarrah as a funder.

The Future bloc has repeatedly denied the charges and labeled them as “fabrications.” Agencies

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