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Not bad working relationship with Nawaz Sharif: Gilani

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Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that Pakistan Muslim League (Q) in the premiership election and I voted along with all of us are running an alliance will decide when the time comes, just say something before azuqt is not a bad working relationship with Nawaz Sharif, the opposition People’s Party feels more comfortable, law and order in Karachi target killing and provincial matter problem hyrymnd high-profile media cases already made more sincere hyhm and no patriotic nor try to be more krypakstan aid for earthquake victims of Japan are ready to field hospital.

He Bahauddin Zakariya University Grid Station Extension and Nishtar Hospital Cancer Unit Addressing the opening ceremony and was talking to the media. The Prime Minister said that PPP in the opposition feels more comfortable. They answer to a question said in response evaluation in the Punjab Assembly was meeting with Nawaz Sharif, Provincial Assembly is a matter of provincial leadership work. He said that Nawaz Sharif was told that the paths are distinct, but the politics of reconciliation will continue , all provinces mandate respect.

Question about target killing the prime minister said in Karachi target killing and provincial law and order problem is the case, law enforcement agencies directed the provincial government to provide information, hmynml common strategy to control be. mynkha PM Another question that working relationship with Nawaz Sharif is not bad. Raymond Davis, he said about the question before this case the media has made high-profile, high integrity Us and patriotic to be no more and no tries.

He said no contradiction between national pride will not work, the Prime Minister said his meeting with Ambassador mynjapany Karachi was the earthquake and tsunami and the destruction they have expressed sorrow, has asked the Ambassador of Japan We can fulfill the need, he said Pakistan to aid earthquake victims is offering a field hospital. mynsual DG FIA about the prime minister said in response to the Supreme Court in its written statement I have submitted, this case is pending so I will not comment. Bahauddin Zakariya University He Earlier this spring I put plant inaugurated sjrkary campaign. Agencies

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