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‘Obama fooled by US media, Cuba exiles’

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Cuba: Cuban officials have accused US President Barack Obama of supporting dissidents on the island and say he is being manipulated by Cuban-American exiles, uninformed advisors, and biased US media outlets.

“The White House is giving more attention to pressure from Miami and its mafia in the capital than it is to its own diplomats,” AP quoted an opinion piece published in the official Communist Party newspaper Granma on Friday as saying.

The article criticized Cuban bloggers and the US press, particularly The New York Times.

“In an era where newspapers are filled with more lies than advertisements… it is hard to tell who got the president so worked up, The New York Times or an adviser on the National Security Council,” it said.

The Granma article also denounced Obama as a copy of his conservative Republican predecessor, saying that Obama’s emotional statement “emulated his predecessor George W. Bush in its abuse of adjectives.”

The article was published next to a series of altered photos showing the face of former President George W. Bush gradually turning into Obama’s face.

The article came in response to a statement President Obama made on Wednesday, in which he called on Cuban authorities to release all political prisoners.

Obama made the remarks on the one-year anniversary of the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a political prisoner who died after an 83-day hunger strike.

He called Tamayo’s death “selfless and tragic” and said it brought the world’s attention to political prisoners held by Cuban authorities.

Cuba says its doctors did all they could to keep Tamayo alive and that his prison term was extended because of poor behavior behind bars.

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