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Only six percent Chinese are happy: poll

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Beijing, March 3 (IANS) A mere six percent of people in China think they are happy while a global survey has ranked China as 125th in the happiness quotient.Information portal china.com.cn polled 1,350 internet users to measure their happiness.

Denmark topped the recent Gallup World Poll with 82 percent people describing themselves as happy, while China was ranked 125th, China Daily reported Thursday.

The Gallup poll surveyed people in 155 countries between 2005 and 2009 and measured their overall satisfaction with their lives and daily experiences.

The china research showed that nearly 40 percent of Chinese people believe that happiness is determined by wealth.

Only 36 percent said their lives had improved in the past five years.

Those living in big cities were the least contented, feeling more pressure because of high-price housing and traffic congestion.

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