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Opposition rejects Gaddafi victory claims

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Revolutionary fighters reject claims that forces loyal to long-time Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi have taken full control of the strategic oil-rich town of Ras Lanuf.

The revolutionaries said on Friday that they were still in control of some parts of the city.

Fighting is going on between the two sides in some districts of the town, reports say.

Several people were killed and dozens wounded in Ras Lanuf in Thursday clashes.

Gaddafi’s warplanes also bombed Brega — another oil town held by the revolutionaries.

Gaddafi’s son, Seif al-Islam, says the regime is preparing full-scale military action against the anti-government forces — even if the West intervenes.

“This is our country and we will never give up or surrender,” he issued the bleak warning ahead of Friday’s emergency meeting between European leaders in Brussels.

“We fight here in Libya and we will die here in Libya. We will never ever welcome NATO or the Americans.”

Meanwhile, Benghazi’s revolutionary forces have sent reinforcements to Ras Lanuf to counter a major offensive by Gaddafi’s loyalists.

Benghazi’s Friday Prayers leader called on the protesters to continue fighting until Gaddafi’s ouster.

Thousands of Libyans have taken to the streets in Benghazi against the Gaddafi regime after the Friday Prayers.

Manned pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons have been deployed in the streets to defend the city against a possible onslaught by Gaddafi’s forces.

Benghazi is no longer under Gaddafi’s control. The city has come to be known as the capital of the Libyan Revolution and is home to the interim Transitional National Council.

Reports say the Gaddafi regime has sent text messages to people of Benghazi, vowing to recapture the city.

Meanwhile, in the western town of Zawiyah, the regime forces have been locked in street fighting with opposition fighters.

The latest report published by the Libyan Human Rights League says a brutal crackdown by the regime on opposition protests that began two weeks ago has left an estimated 6,000 people dead so far.

Colonel Gaddafi has been in power since a 1969 military coup. Agencies

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