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Osama dead: Host to the ghost: Was Osama in ISI guesthouse?

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The sprawling house in the garrison town of Abbottabad , about 60km from Islamabad , where Osama bin Laden was killed may be an Inter-Services Intelligence’s guesthouse, a Pakistani source told TOI.

There was no confirmation of the claim, but the fact that the house was within a few hundred metres of the Pakistani military academy and in an area where retired army generals stay, lends credibility to the assertion.

Farzana Shaikh, of Royal Institute of International Affairs , told BBC: ” Many people around the world are going to find their worst suspicions confirmed – that there has been, right from the outset, complicity on the part of the Pakistani state in aiding and abetting Osama bin Laden.”

Hamid Gul, the former ISI chief, told a TV channel that most big names (in the al-Qaida leadership) were caught in Pakistan and the US didn’t take the Pakistan government into confidence in the operation . ” Are our military installations safe (from the American intervention),” Gul asked.

James Inkster, retired assistant chief of the MI6, the British external intelligence organisation, said: ” This is as good as it gets. No American soldier was injured, let alone killed, and there were no casualties outside the compound that was targeted.” TOI

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