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Over 1,000 expats rounded up in new Farwaniya, Jleeb raids Asian embassies express concern over deportation modus operandi

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426762_4326136171362_2109736244_nSecuritymen launched several surprise security campaigns in various locations within Farwaniya Governorate during which they arrested 1,100 individuals.

During an intensive security campaign in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, they arrested 800 expatriates for violating the residency and labor laws.

Meanwhile, they arrested 40 expatriates during a security campaign that they launched in Farwaniya. The expatriates were arrested for violating the residency law or running illegal businesses of providing facilities to make cheap overseas calls. Some were wanted by law, as they were involved in criminal and civil cases.

The arrested individuals were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them.

259 held in Ahmadi
Ahmadi Security Directorate launched inspection campaigns in several areas within Ahmadi Governorate during which they arrested 259 expatriates, seized 13 vehicles and issued 125 citations against various traffic violations.

According to a press statement issued by the Ministry of Interior, the campaigns were launched under the directives of Ahmadi Security Director Major General Ayed Al-Otaibi.

Among the arrested individuals, 221 did not have identification documents or had expired residencies, 34 individuals were wanted by law, two were hawkers and two were arrested in possession of drugs. They were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them.

The officers also seized eight vehicles that were wanted by law and five vehicles driven by reckless drivers. The seized vehicles were referred to the seized-vehicle garage.

Media Security Department confirmed that such campaigns will continue in all governorates to arrest violators of law and traffic rules.

Meanwhile, during a security campaign police from the Capital Governorate have arrested 201 expatriates for violating residence and labor laws. The campaigns were organized in Salhiya, Murgab, Sharq and Shamiya, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

All those arrested have been referred to the concerned authorities.

A security source said some of the arrested persons were not holding identification documents.
And, the Jahra police during an intensive crackdown in Kabd have arrested 35 people for violating residence, labor and traffic laws and referred them to the concerned authorities, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The daily did not give more details.

Embassies express concern
About 1,260 people have been deported from Kuwait by the concerned authorities during a campaign which was organized to arrest outlaws and residence and labor law violators, reports Al-Qabas daily.
However, the daily added the process of deporting the expatriates — mostly Asians and Arabs — have met with mixed reaction.

While citizens and some expatriates are happy about the crackdown on vice and residence and labor law violators the embassies of India and Bangladesh have written to the Ministry of Interior citing its dissatisfaction over the manner of deporting the citizens of their respective countries.

The embassies claim most of the deported persons were not given their rights by their sponsors before they were deported. Some of them were not even given their passports before they left the country and had to be given travel documents.

The sources said the Indian and Bangladeshi embassies are currently working for the rights of deportees through legal process. This is in addition to getting back their passports.

The sources pointed out some expatriates who were arrested during the recent security and traffic sweeps are still held at police stations because their respective embassies reportedly refuse to give them travel documents because they have valid residence permit.

The sources also said contacts are underway with the sponsors to hand over the passports before the persons are deported.

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