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Pentagon to lower its role in attack on Libya

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Pentagon has announced that it will soon return a number of its jetfighters, which are involved in air strikes on Libya, out of the warplanes under the command of NATO. Meanwhile, the Chairman of US Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff, Michael Mullen, has announced that the US jetfighters such as AC-130 and A-10 remain on alert and in case of demand for participation of the US; these warplanes would be put to use. He said that the US would not refrain from dispatch of warplanes to Libya if NATO would not be able to prevent the advance of the Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.

Moreover, the US Republican Senator, John McCain, who previously opposed the US entry to Libyan war, criticized this Pentagon decision and termed it as unwise and illogical under the current circumstances. On the other hand, based on the latest conducted opinion polls, the American people are not in favor of US forces’ presence in the Libyan war. In the view of political pundits, all these circumstances has made if difficult for the US administration to adopt an appropriate approach for interaction with the case of Libya, especially since the US Democratic administration is concerned over the state of Democratic Party throughout 2012 presidential election. The Democrats have in the past accused the Republicans of waging costly wars, and even blamed the adventurism of neoconservatives as the reason behind the US economic meltdown. Also in the foreign scene, the intense opposition of China, Russia, and important European countries, such as Germany, with the attack on Libya has imposed a lot of pressure on the US administration, such that although the US forces were one of the first to raid Libya, currently prefer to reduce their role in these attacks. On the other hand, a number of political observers believe that the US will nonetheless play the main role in this war, especially since it seems unlikely that NATO forces would be able to fulfill this mission in the absence of US major role in this scene. Moreover, reduction of US role in this war raises questions about the US so-called democratic and human rights mottos and distorts the liberal principles of the US. These conditions have baffled the US administration about terms of its interaction with the issue of Libya. In general, it seems that the US president, Barack Obama, and the US army intend to administer the Libyan war based on the Afghan war model. In other words, the Americans prefer to further engage the NATO forces in the war against Libya and to lessen the US direct involvement in this war.

Meanwhile, the US entry to Libyan war will certainly cause difficulties for the US Democratic Party in the presidential elections of the year 2012. Agencies


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