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PM expresses regret for Tahrir violence and encourages police return

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Egypt’s Prime Minister Essam Sharaf expressed in a speech given on Monday his regret with regards the violence that erupted in Tahrir Square on 9 saying that “all of us people, army and government regret the Saterday events.” He added that he has deep faith in the revolution’s youth and their intentions as well as for the role of Egypt’s army and the latter’s keenness to protect the country. Sharaf stressed the importance of avoiding conflict between people and army.

While Sharaf stressed the “purity” of the revolution’s youth, he added that those who obstruct people’s work by blocking traffic and roads should not be tolerated. He said that each citizen should have the right to express himself in a peaceful manner.

While those arrested during the demonstrations are going to be released, the minister of justice has been asked to take the necessary steps to open investigations regarding the Saterday events.

As for Mubarak’s speech to the Arabia news channel, Sharaf said that Mubarak is being investigated and stressed that “no one is above the law”.

He encouraged the role of the police and added that they are now returning to the streets under the slogan “the police are for the service of the citizens.” Agencies

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