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Protester accused police of using poison gas: Yemen

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Yemeni Security forces attacked on Saturday, El taaer square in University of Sana’a, using live bullets and gas lacrimal and hot water to disperse the protesters inside, killing at least one person and suffocation about a thousand, some in critical condition, amid accusations that the security of using poison gas is banned internationally.

The Yemeni security forces and armed supporters of the authority designated by the protestors who “bullies” are trying to evacuation scene in force since the scheme began yesterday afternoon, where Al-Jazeera correspondent said he saw in his own eyes the security cars and trucks of riot and a group of thugs was watching the scene since the evening of the tenth.

Witnesses said that security forces and police in civilian clothes attacked the protesters in University campus at the time Fajr prayer by heavy shot, and chased protesters through the streets of side effects, while gunmen in civilian clothes came to the roofs of houses surrounding the courtyard.

Al-Jazeera showed photos of dozens injured in cases of suffocation, and the arena was filled with gas resulting from Tear gas, and Heard the loudspeakers demanding consistency in the protestors did not leave the scene and called on citizens abroad to join the Square and the support of the protesters.

Protesters accused the authority using chemical gas against them, while the government insists that the gas is from an authorized tear gas.

According to the certificates of doctors who spoke to Al Jazeera after the patient inhaled the gas get spasms and twitching of the movement completely paralyzed and caused no symptoms at all gas lacrimal, and demanded the authority to disclose the name of the gas and provide them with anti-sera to treat the injured.

Protesters blamed President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his relatives who run the army units, security and local authority in the capital Sanaa full responsibility for what they are exposed to attacks by thugs and security forces. And confirmed that it was behind the attacks that happen to sit peacefully, “will not escape just punishment.”

The Sheikh of Sheikhs of tribes rally Sheikh Sadik had met yesterday with the elders, scholars and political activists and drew a warning to the state of prejudice Palmatsamin arena, after showing signs of intervention after the security sit-ins Fri resilience. Agencies

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