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Protests Begin In Syria, Yemen And Bahrain: Friday Of Rage

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A few big protests to worry about today, which may be starting after noon prayer — right now.

First in Yemen, where despite rumors that President Saleh would step down within days and promises from Saleh of a peaceful transfer of power, activists vowed to stage a wide-scale protester. Police have reportedly set up checkpoints to stop protesters from reaching the government headquarters in Sanaa.

Second in Syria, where protesters are gathering despite crackdowns that may have killed over one hundred earlier this week. President Assad has promised political reform including the lifting of emergency laws in place since 1963.

Third in Bahrain, where protesters have planned a day of rage despite violent crackdowns and arrests earlier this week. The government recently tore down a large monument at Pearl Square to mark the symbolic end of unrest — which is clearly a fantasy.

The government has recruited new security forces from Pakistan, according to the WSJ, in addition to foreign assisstance from Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.

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