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Putin Rejects There is Rift with Medvedev Over Libya

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rejected the suggestion that there is rift between him and President Medvedev over Libya issue. Answering a question on his visit to Slovenia to discuss gas pipelines, Putin insisted that he and Medvedev are really “close.”

“If you are interested in whether there is any difference in the way Mr Medvedev and I approach these events, let me assure you: we are very close, and we understand each other,” Putin told reporters in Ljubljana.

Putin was criticized by Medvedev for comparing the UN resolution on Libya to a medieval “crusade.” “The Security Council resolution is incomplete and flawed; it permits everything and resembles a medieval call for a crusade. In fact, it allows the invasion of a sovereign country,” Putin said of the Resolution 1973.

Medvedev responded by saying that such a talk was “unacceptable” and that he supported NATO efforts to stop Qaddafi from killing Libyan civilians.

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