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Regime demolishes opposition icon Bahrain

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Bahrain has scrapped Friday’s historic Pearl Monument, which last week became the symbol of anti-government protesters in the capital Manama.

Workers broke off six white concrete pylons, which together hold a pearl. This monument was placed in the eighties in honor of the founding countries of the GCC, a trading block of six Gulf countries. The masts and the pearl symbolized these countries marked their historic collaboration in the pearl industry, which has disappeared into the background since the rise of the oil industry.

Shiite demonstrators had a tent camp at the roundabout and the monument. The camp was the base for demonstrators who agitated against the domination by the Sunni minority, including the royal family belongs. Wednesday the area was swept clean.

It gave the security forces in the kingdom aid from neighboring countries in the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia. In the near future more foreign troops to arrive in Bahrain to further strengthen the security situation, said Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa Friday.

The minister said the reinforcements from abroad as long as necessary to restore order and stressed that they will only be deployed to key locations such as oil installations to be monitored. The opposition was the arrival of the troops as a declaration of war condemned. Agencies

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