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Riyadh: demonstrations failed appeal

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Saudi Arabia has banned demonstrations and rallies all over

Saudi Arabia announced Friday after anti-government demonstrations in the capital Riyadh, hundreds of policemen were deployed, but then calls through the Internet was not out on the road.

Call protests after Friday prayers in Riyadh, security forces had placed barriers on the roads and the people coming for prayer identification process was started.

Friday prayer speeches of gentlemen in mufti demonstrations against them by Islamic as they gry.

Unlike the Shia-dominated eastern Riyadh hufuf towns and a few hundred demonstrators protested in qtyf But police soon scattered.

Earlier Thursday, Saudi police in the country’s eastern city qtyf was fired on demonstrators and at least one incident was serious injured.

Saudi officials believe that recently the country’s Shiite minority from small-scale demonstrations in the country to ban demonstrations and rallies organized on is complete.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia last month for treatment abroad after spending three months on his return to Saudi citizens syntys billion worth of additional incentives and facilities was announced. His candidacy in the Arab world, spreading the wave of protest an attempt to protect Saudi Arabia was seen as.

Analysts warned that any incident of violence in Saudi Arabia in global oil prices will affect. Agencies

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