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Russia develops advanced air defence system

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Russia’s advanced S-500 air defence system will be completed by 2015-2016, it was announced Friday.

The Almaz-Antei design bureau is working to complete the project by 2015-2016, said Yury Solovyev, the company’s deputy general director.

The S-500 is a long-range missile system and is expected to become Russia’s main unified air defence system.

Solovyev said the designers were facing a number of problems, including a lack of reliable and efficient electronic components. “But we will be able to resolve them,” the official added.

The S-500 is expected to have an extended range of up to 600 km and simultaneously engage up to 10 targets.

Russia’s defence ministry has demanded that the system must be capable of intercepting ballistic missiles and hypersonic cruise missiles. Agencies

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