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‘Saudi repression bodes ill for Riyadh’

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The Saudi government’s clampdown on a recent protest at political detentions in the country will spur further outrage against the monarchy, says a political analyst.

The following is the rough transcription of political analyst Mohamed al-Massari’s comments made to Press TV on March 5.

Al-Massari: Yesterday in [the city of al-]Qatif and so on, they cracked down [on protests]. They detained twenty persons. They made a stupid mistake by attacking women and so on because they think Shia women do not have correct private protection and the honor protection like the rest of the women in the country. But attacking women in Saudi Arabia, in an Arabian Islamic society is very severe, very negative very catastrophic. It was limited but this will have bad repercussions.

The hope is that on the 11th of March, that will have thousands instead of hundreds. That’s big enough. We don’t expect a hundred thousand at this stage. If that’s a hundred that’s no problem. And the regime will have to recalculate, if they use force there would be counterforce…

We still have people who are willing to defend their honor with arms. I know a friend of mine from the north who was checked by the police. He refused that and used his machine gun. He got killed. He got murdered but he did not accept that police check his car and check his woman. He refused that.

This threat against dignity and dignity of women is still there. So they have to stop there. And that will mount against them until they collapse Inshallah (God Willing). Press Tv

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