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Secret Operations in Eastern Libya

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The United Nations Security Council No. 1973, March 17, endorsed the no-fly zone enforcement action over Libya. The resolution did not allow foreign troops, the Western coalition, and then the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to do a ground offensive.

United States President Barack Obama when it seems to accept the existence of such restrictions. At least as evidenced by the famous statement, that “no boots on the ground” Libya. The statement was repeated many times by every U.S. spokesman since then.

Since the appearance of Obama’s statement that, after all, in fact, CIA operations had lasted for several weeks in Libya. They were supposedly sent to find the target missile and rocket attacks the U.S. and its allies. In addition, they were also asked to get some picture, where the opposition who will be supported Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Jokes that emerged later was that the CIA agents did not wear “boots, but” sneakers. ” Through the English language broadcast television station Al Jazeera, spread widely throughout the world that there is a secret training ground in eastern Libya. There, U.S. and Egyptian special forces to provide basic training to use weapons squad members elected from the opposition.

The selected squad members are now equipped with more sophisticated weapons. From the impressions it appears that the coaches or observers from the U.S. was using the boots.

The report was long awaited. Because, when the secret history of the struggle is written now, there have been several books written, we almost certainly know that despite public protests, first suggested Obama’s adventures in Libya, namely that “advisers” from the U.S. will most likely also necessary.

Disclosure of the secret may also make clear the role of Obama. President Obama also suggested that U.S. advisers can not just limited to teaching the “rebels” how do they shoot guns, but also must train and provide them with basic military skills. Activities may also not just stop there.

The adviser may also be behind-the scenes-have filled key roles in the command. For example, they give advice to the opposition when and how to attack, either directly or in connection with the special forces of other countries, also with the troops ‘boots’ on the ground.

They also may recommend that every member of the opposition forces do their best to maintain the story that the “advisers” were not there. They may also form the opinion that members of the force that welds oposisilah struggle.

Not alone

In that case, the U.S. secret agents are not alone. Referring to another report, “Smash Squad” SAS elite special forces have spread in mainland Britain Libya with a similar mission. Probably the same British SAS team who allegedly sent to train Special Forces Qaddafi about a year ago, part of exchange programs that strengthen the relationship between the two countries at that time.

Given the restrictions by Sarkozy to do the ground attack, almost certainly report that the French elite troops also already exist in the same field are true. It seems to fit with reports from newspapers of Pakistan.

Pakistani media have not confirmed it wrote, “According to an exclusive report that was confirmed by a Libyan diplomat in the region, the three Western nations special forces landed them in Cyrenacia (eastern Libya). They established bases and training centers to strengthen the opposition against the loyalists in the area adjacent Qaddafi. ”

A Libyan official who requested his name not be identified, said U.S. and British military tutor was sent on March 23 to 24 last. They were sent at night by U.S. naval ships, warships of France, and a small boat to the port of Benghazi and Tobruk.

It is officially denied by a statement of a U.S. military official told a news conference. When he was asked whether the Western coalition forces conducted an intensive communication with the opposition, he said: no!

“Concerning the coordination with the troops ‘rebel’, no. Our mission is to protect civilians, “explained the official. He also added, “This is not about the ‘rebels’, but about the protection of civilians.” There is no other mission.

Almost every day, until today, there are hundreds of men came to the Libyan military base that has dominated the opposition in Benghazi. They consist of volunteers from all over the country, even from abroad. According to foreign media reports, they practice using heavy artillery weapons, as well as how to operate the firing of rockets and rocket launchers, and other Army basic training.

Mentioned, those who train civilians or volunteers who are willing to fight against Qaddafi is retired military and active soldiers who defected to the opposition. It seems that the report could also be true, but the possibility of aid from the West to the opposition parties may be regarded as a secret mission. Agencies

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