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Situation in Brega, Libya Unclear and Not Verifyable

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The mainstream media continues to focus on events in Japan, where the stockmarket dropped sharply. Reports on Sunday indicated that Gadaffi’s forces had taken the oil town of Brega, the last stronghold prior to the rebel stronghold of Bengazi. Western reporters, including Al Jazeera had reported vicious attacks by Gadaffi’s military using air power, artilery and tanks to push back rebels in their machine gun mounted pick up trucks.

The rebels claimed that they had retaken Brega by Sunday night, hower that was not verifyable as most reporters have now pulled back to Bengazi.

There were conflicting claim by both the rebels and Gadaffi, who claimed that Libyan forces were certain of victory and would bury the rebels, which it linked to Al Quaeda and foreign security forces.

In view of the situation France said that it would push for UN backed a no fly zone. Gadaffi met with Russian, Chinese and Indian ambassadors, urging their countries to invest in the Libyan oil sector. The oil sector has been badly disrupted by the uprising and the flight of foreign nationals. Expers believe it could take up to a year for the sector to be restored to its previous output of 1.6 Billion barrels.

In summary the situation is unclear in Brega as of this morning. What is clear is that the town was recaptured by Gadaffi yesterday and reporters close to the scene reported the rebel flight towards Bengazi. Last verified reports indicated that only untrained pockets of rebels had been left behind.

Gadaffi, obviously desperate for funds has urged investment into the oil sector from Russia, China and India. France will continue to push for a UN backed no fly zone, which the Arab League now supports. NATO will not act without a UN resolution. The legality of a no fly zone is being questioned by some in Congress and Ron Paul is expected to introduce a motion reflecting this.

There will be further meetings of foreign ministers, including Secretary of State Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton tomorrow in Europe to push for a no fly zone.

While the push for a no fly zone will continue by European partners, especially France and the UK, Gadaffi seems to be shmoozing up to China and Russia for investments and a possible veto of any UN resolution.

To say the least the situarion is fluid. At least there have not been any reports of attacks by Gadaffi on the rebel strong hold in Bengazi. Agencies


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