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Snipers kill more protesters in Tripoli

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Tripoli: Latest reports suggest snipers and forces loyal to Libyan ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have killed scores of protesters in the capital, Tripoli.

The Saturday attack comes as sporadic clashes continue between protesters and government forces in Tripoli.

Reports say pro-democracy protesters came under pro-government gunfire in different neighborhoods of the capital. Protesters were reportedly targeted by snipers when they chanted anti-Gaddafi slogans.

Several pro-democracy protesters were also killed in the capital on Friday.

Over one thousand people have already lost their lives and more fatalities are feared as Gaddafi’s regime is trying to crush the popular uprising.

Meanwhile, the government is losing its grip on more cities in the country’s east and west.

Gaddafi remains defiant after nearly two weeks of nationwide protests against his regime. In his third statement this week, Gaddafi addressed a crowd of his supporters in Tripoli’s Green Square.

He called on them to retaliate against the protesters and “fight for Libya, dignity and oil.” He even promised to open arms depots to his supporters.

Libya has been through nearly two weeks of violent anti-government protests. Now forces loyal to Gaddafi’s government fear an imminent attack on Tripoli by protesters.

Gaddafi’s last line of defense is controlled by one of his younger sons — Khamees, whose forces are said to be stationed outside Tripoli to defend the city against thousands of protesters who are on their way.

Reports say the forces are exhausted after being on standby for several days.

Meanwhile, the aid organization Doctors Without Borders says it is concerned about the condition of the injured in the city of Benghazi.

It says the city is in short supply of medical equipment despite the heavy number of casualties.

The organization said a six-person group of its staff has arrived in the city. It also said it cannot reach Tripoli by road, despite a dire need for medical help there.


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