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The Paris Summit in support of the people of Libya

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Tomorrow in Paris on the initiative of French President Nicolas Sarzkozi held an emergency summit on the situation in Libya

Shortly after the adoption of UNSC Resolution 1973 on Libya, the French president has initiated meetings with Secretary General of the League of Arab States Amre Moussa, President of the EU Council of Herman van Rampeya, Head Office vneshepoliticheskogo Catherine Ashton EU, the African Union, as well as representatives of all states who wish to support that resolution. At the end of summit press conference of President of the French Republic.

Press Secretary Jesus Carmona, the European Council confirmed the “Voice of America participated in the summit of Herman van Rampeya. He refrained from any comment on the upcoming meeting.

NATO spokesman Carmen Romero said the Voice of America that weekend, NATO will continue to discuss possible military operations in Libya. “Currently, however, no definite decision whether to take part in NATO military operations in Libya” – she concluded.

Research Director of the Rome NATO College, Karl-Heinz Kamp in an interview with VOA, said: “I do not think that NATO will be involved in operations, as Members have expressed different visions and different approaches. Most likely, Libya will deystovovat Coalition volunteer countries – France, Britain, Canada and the United States. ”

“In order to participate in a military operation – continued expert – Germany need parliamentary approval, but it is a complicated procedure that can not be accomplished in a short time.”

“The hard part is and the procedure for military involvement in Italy. While Berlusconi has revolutionized the position in terms of quick military operation it makes little difference – said Karl-Heinz Kamp. – The Baltic States are already involved in other military operations and do not have the necessary human and technical resources to join the operations in Libya. Although the expressed desire to participate in humanitarian operations. Ready to provide isstrebiteli F16 Belgium, however, for military involvement must be approved by parliament. ”

Dr. Kamp believes that the number of countries in the coalition is not a determining factor for a successful military operation: “In theory, the U.S., Britain or France could carry out such an operation and alone, but neither government will not risk deystovat such a way as not to provoke discontent the public. ”

“What are the possible scenarios? – Ask the doctor Kamp. – No matter how the wheels of fortune, Gaddafi – a political corpse, and the situation will never return to the starting position when the leader was sitting in his tent. But experts have wondered which of his children will inherit power. Gaddafi declared a cease-fire may not last long as needed serious political reforms. Compared with the scale of reform, military operations to protect the civilian population does not seem so difficult. This is a question of political will. However, it is doubtful that the coalition will be established at a summit in Paris. This is a complex process that can not be done by magic. ”

Olivier Zhean, head of the Brussels branch of the French Institute of International Relations, commented on the situation: “As the UN banned all ground operations, only the operation of the force the Air Force. If you are carrying out humanitarian operations, it is possible that NATO will continue to participate in them. ”

“Can you believe Colonel Gaddafi, when he declared a cease-fire? – Asks Olivier Zhean. – Will it honor its own promises? Are there enough of his promises to stop the already running mechanism? Answers to these questions are undoubtedly negative. ”

“Talking about public opinion in France – continues to head bryuselskogo branch of the French Institute of International Affairs – can not automatically compare the situation in Libya and Afghanistan. France has historically close to Libya, France is living large number of immigrants from that country. For President Nicolas Sarkozy’s participation in military operations to protect the public will, to some extent, restore the status of French diplomacy in the Arab world after the disastrous policy of Tunisia. ”

NikolĂ  Vereyde Gros, editor Bruxelles-2 – Europe de la dĂ©fense, told VOA: “I see no reason why France should wait for the military operation in Libya. Colonel Qaddafi is not accurate in regard to the ceasefire. Summit at the Elysee Palace – a diplomatic negotiations, do not rule out a military operation will be preceded him. I do not think that the French government will remain idle at the weekend. There is a mandate of the UN and regional support, so that military action – a matter of hours, not days. ” Agencies


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