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Thousands gather in Libyan Resistance Capital Benghazi

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The streets of Benghazi took on a carnival like atmosphere Saturday, as thousands of Libyans poured into the streets calling for Muammar Gadaffi to step down.

Cheering the brave resistance fighters that have so valiantly persevered against all odds this week, they gather together to pray on the seafront, men women and children in the thousands.

‘Many people have died in our struggle in Ras Lanuf and in Benghazi, but the youth has chosen to fight on rather than see this rule continue, and they will fight for the sake of God,’ an imam declared, “Victory is near!”.

One Benghazai family buried their 21 year old son Fathi Ali Saad on Friday, his casket draped with a white cloth.

He fought so bravely in the last week, his uncle says, he will not die in vain. His friends all want revenge. His face was completely destroyed by tank fire.

In Benghazi thousands gather to protest each Friday after the main weekly Muslim prayers.

Benghazi is the bastion of the resistance, a sea port on the Mediterranean, and Libya’s second largest city.

Saturday’s festival atmosphere and flag-waving crowds were an astonishing display of solidarity and courage from the Benghazi citizens, who appear to show no sign of wavering in their determination to oust Gadaffi.

Even while reinforcements were rushing to the aid of Ras Lanuf, where heavy fighting had claimed at least 10 lives, the people of Benghazi cheered their support and their determination to persevere against all odds. Agencies


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